Texas Insurance Exam Questions and Answers Rated A+

Texas Insurance Exam Questions and Answers Rated A+ How many hours of ethics continuing education must an agent complete in any 2-year license period? A. 4 B. 5 C. 3 D. 2 ✔✔D The commissioner has the power to A. appoint a stock insurance company board of directors B. issue certificates of authority to insurers C. authorize a mutual insurance company sale of stock D. write and enact new legislation and statutes affecting the business of insurance ✔✔B Written notices of reported violations must be sent within A. 10 days B. 14 days C. 21 days D. 30 days ✔✔B All of the following are correct regarding licensing requirements EXCEPT A. the person must be at least 21 years old B. the state licensing examination must be passed C. the person has submitted an application D. a non-refundable fee has been paid ✔✔A An agent licensed in Texas who moves from one state to another must file proof of authorization to conduct business in the new state within how many days? A. 10 B. 20 C. 30 D. 60 ✔✔C A person who examines and assesses risk for persons seeking or renewing property and casualty insurance is A. a reinsurer B. a surplus lines agent C. an insurance counselor D. a risk manager ✔✔D Insurance issued to Texas residents by companies not licensed to do business in Texas would be classified as A. unlicensed insurance B. unauthorized insurance C. unlisted entrance D. alien insurance ✔✔B Agents who solicit and procure insurance for themselves, their families, and their business associates (not for the general public) are said to engage in A. rebating B. surplus lines Insurance C. controlled business D. unauthorized insurance ✔✔C At a minimum, the department must examine a carrier at least once every A. 6 months B. year C. 5 years D. decade ✔✔C Which of the following is a requirement for a temporary insurance license? A. The applicant must complete a licensing course within 10 days of application filing. B. The applicant must complete training supervised by an agent, insurer, or HMO. C. The applicant must be sponsored by the Department. D. The applicant must demonstrate high unethical standards. ✔✔B How many hours of continuing educations is an agent responsible to complete in any 2-year license period? A. 15 B. 24 C. None if licensed less than 5 years. D. It depends on the agent's birth date. ✔✔B Which of the following is an example of misrepresentation? A. An agent convinces a prospect to replace his existing homeowners policy with a new, more expensive policy that provides more coverage. B. An insurer advertises a life insurance policy without mentioning that premiums may be paid quarterly instead of annually. C. An agent leads a buyer of an auto policy to believe that she will be covered when driving others' cars when she will not. D. An agent offers a housewarming present to anyone who purchases homeowners insurance from him. ✔✔C Making a misrepresentation to induce a policyholder to lapse a policy is considered A. coercion B. intimidation C. rebating D. twisting ✔✔D In the event of a total loss by fire of real

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