Test Bank for The Biology of Cancer 2nd Edition Weinberg

The Biology of Cancer, 2nd Edition, Question Bank © 2014 Garland Science Chapter 1 The Biology and Genetics of Cells and Organisms Level 1: Comprehension of reading, knowledge of terminology Level 2: Understanding and application of information to compare and contrast or interpretation of data Level 3: Analysis and application of information to a problem, an experiment, a secondary concept, or previous knowledge 1.1 In a hypothetical cross between two fruit flies, one with red eyes and one with white eyes, all resulting progeny had red eyes. This would suggest that (Level 2) A. The red-eyed trait is recessive to white eyes. B. The red-eyed trait is dominant to white eyes. C. The red-eyed and white-eyed genes are co-dominant. D. The eye color trait is most likely coded for by multiple genes. E. None of the above. 1.2 Which of the following mutations would be MOST likely to be retained in a species gene pool? (Level 3) A. A mutation resulting in a deleterious change in a cytoskeletal protein structure B. A mutation in an exon of a gene coding for DNA repair C. A mutation in an intron of a gene coding for DNA repair D. Both A and B E. None of the above 1.3 Many cancer cells exhibit aneuploidy, meaning that they (Level 1) A. Proliferate at higher rates than normal cells.

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