TesT Bank for seeley’s Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology 10th Edition VanPutte

Seeley’s Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology, 10e (VanPutte) Chapter 1 The Human Organism 1) The scientific discipline that deals with the processes or functions of living organisms is ________. A) physiology B) anatomic imaging C) regional anatomy D) surface anatomy E) systemic anatomy Answer: A Section: 01.02 Physiology Topic: Scope of anatomy and physiology Bloom's: 2. Understand Learning Outcome: 01.02A. Define physiology. HAPS Learning Outcome: A05.1 Define the terms anatomy and physiology. 2) Which of the following statements is TRUE? A) The coordinated activity of the organ systems is necessary for normal function. B) Because organ systems are so interrelated, dysfunction in one organ system can have profound effects on other systems. C) An organism is any living thing considered as a whole whether composed of one cell such as a bacterium or trillions of cells such as a human. D) Living things are highly organized, and disruption of this organized state can lead to loss of function and death. E) All of the choices are correct. Answer: E Section: 01.01 Anatomy Topic: Scope of anatomy and physiology Bloom's: 4. Analyze Learning Outcome: 01.01B Explain the importance of the relationship between structure and function. HAPS Learning Outcome: A05.2 Give specific examples to show the interrelationship between anatomy and physiology.

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