Test bank for Keatings: Ethical & Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing, 4th Edition

Chapter 01: An Introduction to the Ethics and the Law: A Perspective for Nurses Keatings: Ethical & Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing, 4th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following mandates that nurses have a basic understanding of the Canadian legal system? a. Provincial and federal nursing bodies b. The Supreme Court of Canada c. Provincial nursing labor unions d. The Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act, 1990 ANS: A Feedback A Correct! Provincial and territorial regulatory bodies, have certain requirements related to nurses’ knowledge/skill, which includes knowledge of the legal system. B Incorrect—The Supreme Court, which is the final court of appeal in Canada, is not involved in the regulation of health care professionals. C Incorrect—Labour unions do not focus on nursing standards and knowledge; rather, they represent the collective bargaining rights of nurses. D Incorrect—This Act is relevant to nursing in that it regulates the prescribing, dispensing, and handling of drugs. It does not mandate the knowledge nurses require about the legal system. DIF: Cognitive level: Comprehension 2. Identify one of the reasons why nurses need to have an understanding of ethics. a. Nurses do not share the same perspectives regarding health care with other health care professionals. b. Morality and care are at the heart of nursing practice. c. Ethics provides a clear answer to nurses regarding the correct course of action. d. Convincing family members of compassionate courses of action is best done by nurses. ANS: B Feedback A Incorrect—Professional values may be shared across multiple professions, and perspectives on issues may be similar. When views on an issue differ, then knowledge of ethics assists in clarifying and defending one’s position to others. B Correct! One reason for nurses studying ethics is that morality and care are at the heart of nursing practice. C Incorrect—Ethical theories can provide a framework for the exploration of the ethical questions and moral issues faced in health care. These theories guide how morality is understood within the sphere of nursing practice and the nurse– patient or nurse–client relationship. Ethical theories and frameworks can

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