Chapter 02: Theories Related to Care of the Older Adult Meiner: Gerontologic Nursing, 6th Edition MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The practitioner who believes in the free radical theory of aging is likely to recommend that the older adults a. avoid excessive intake of zinc or magnesium. b. supplement his or her diet with vitamins C and E. c. increase intake of complex carbohydrates. d. avoid the use of alcohol or tobacco. ANS: B Vitamins C and E are two naturally occurring antioxidants that appear to inhibit the functioning of the free radicals or possibly decrease their production in the body. The free radical theory of aging is not related to zinc, magnesium, carbohydrates, or alcohol and tobacco. DIF: Applying OBJ: 2-5 TOP: Nursing Process: Planning MSC: Health Promotion andMaintenance 2. To provide effective care to the older adult, the nurse must understand which of the following? a. Older adults are not a homogeneous sociologic group. b. Little variation exists in cohort groups of older adults. c. Health problems are muNcUhRthSeIsaNmGeTfoBr .simCO ilaMr age groups of older adults. d. Withdrawal by an older adult is a normal physiologic response to aging. ANS: A Older adults are not a homogenous sociological group, having four distinct cohort groups and many individual variations within these cohorts. Nurses must take to not treat older adults as if they were all the same. Health needs will vary among the cohorts and among individuals. Withdrawal is not a normal part of aging and may signify depression. DIF: Understanding OBJ: 2-2 TOP: Nursing Process: Planning MSC: Health Promotion andMaintenance 3. The nurse is using the eight stages of life theory to help an older adult patient assess the developmental stage of personal ego differentiation. The nurse does this by assisting the patient to do which of the following? a. Determine feelings regarding the effects of aging on the physical being. b. Describe feelings regarding what he or she expects the future to hold. c. Identify aspects of work, recreation, and family life that provide self-worth and pleasure. d. Elaborate on feelings about the prospect of his or her personal death. ANS: C

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