NURSINGTB.CO Chapter 02: Pathways of Nursing Education MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A faculty member explains to students that one concern of the American Nurses Association’s 1965 position statement designating the baccalaureate degree (BSN) as the educational entry point for nursing is that a. diploma programs remain the most popular educational program for nurses. b. it is difficult to monitor other programs for congruency with BSN programs. c. multiple educational paths create confusion for the public and the profession. d. some states are creating different licensure exams for different pathways. ANS: C The existence of multiple entry paths for nursing education is confusing both to the public and to aspiring nursing students, who may have difficulty understanding and comprehending the differences and what they mean. Diploma programs have declined sharply in number, with only 47 programs remaining in the United States in 2013. The ANA does not monitor different programs to evaluate congruency with BSN programs. States are not creating different licensure examinations for graduates of different programs. DIF: Cognitive Level: Understand REF: 22 TOP: Integrated Process: Teaching/Learning MSC: NCLEX Client Needs: N/A 2. A hospital-based nursing administrator is responsible for the diploma nursing program affiliated with that hospital. In deciding to keep the program open, the administrator develops changes that address a major historical concern with this type of program. In doing so, the administrator would most likely a. arrange for faculty from the local college to teach science courses. b. limit the hours students are expected to work in the hospital. c. lower the tuition rate and apply for increased federal student grants. d. require nursing faculty to be doctorally prepared to remain on staff. ANS: B Diploma students were traditionally expected to staff the hospital with which their program was affiliated, often to the detriment of their educational experiences. This exploitation was described in several important studies of nursing education. Traditional diploma programs do not offer college credit, no matter who teaches the courses. Diploma programs were expensive to operate and expensive to students, and this had a part in their decreasing numbers. Federal funding (through a variety of means) is available for individual students, and although it is administered by institutions, it is not granted to the institution itself. Requiring doctorally prepared faculty would not address an historic concern with diploma education. DIF: Cognitive Level: Apply TOP: Integrated Process: Teaching/Learning MSC: NCLEX Client Needs: N/A 3. In analyzing trends within the profession that are correlated to the rise in baccalaureate nursing (BSN) programs, the nurse historian would outline that

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