a home health nurse is visiting an older adult client who has anemia. which of the following foods should the nurse recommend to increase the clients iron intake - dried fruit a nurse at a long term care facility is providing teaching to a group of adolescents who are new volunteers. the nurse should explain that older clients are most likely to exhibit a decrease in which of the following - short term memory a nurse at an assisted living center is conducting an orientation session for a group of newly hired assistive personnel (AP). which of the following instructions should the nurse include regarding clients who are hearing impaired - maintain eye contact with the clients A nurse at an ophthalmology clinic is assessing a client referred by the provider for a potential cataract. which of the following client reports should the nurse recognize is consistent with cataracts - halos when looking at lights a nurse caring for an older adult client who has a new onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus. which of the following physiologic changes can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes - decrease sensitivity to the circulating insulin a nurse in a long term care facility is promoting reminiscence among older adult clients. which of the following action should the nurse take - institute a daily story telling hour a nurse in the clinic is assessing an older adult client for the second time in a week. the client reports a decreased energy level, insomnia and anorexia. the clients diagnostic tests are within the expected reference ranges. for which of the following conditions should the nurses screen the client - depression a nurse is admitting an older adult client who fell at home 3 days ago. the client has a fractured hip, malnutrition and dehydration. which of the following laboratory values noted on admission, should indicate to the nurse prolonged malnutrition - decreased albumin A nurse is assessing an older adult client during an annual physical. which of the following client findings should the nurse reported the provider - fasting blood glucose level of 160 mg/dL

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