Python Programming Lots Final Test 2024.

def function_name() - ANSWER defining a function in Python. Must be above all instances of calling the function. Only happens once. and - ANSWER The Boolean operator that returns true ONLY if BOTH of its operands are true. or - ANSWER The Boolean operator that returns true if EITHER of its operands are true not - ANSWER The Boolean operator that returns true if its single operand is false (like the ! in != but for Boolean variables like this-> if not is_raining:) return - ANSWER Specifies the value to be returned by a function back to its function call so you can use the function call as that value. The call will evaluate as the value you return. time.sleep(seconds) - ANSWER Instructs the program to pause for the specified number of seconds. This is sometimes nice for the experience of the user and sometimes used to make sure the computer evaluates lines in the correct order. : - ANSWER A colon marks the end of a statement and indicates that the next line should be the beginning of a new block (functions, loops, ifs, etc) break - ANSWER Jumps out of a block of code. Monty Python - ANSWER A British surreal comedy group after which Python was named. = - ANSWER assignment operator while : - ANSWER Tests a condition and if the condition is true, begins a loop and doesn't test again until the beginning of the next loop. if : - ANSWER begins a binary selection statement

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  • Keywords Python Programming Lots Final Test 2024.,def function_name() defining a function in Pytbreak Jumps out of a block of code.or The Boolean operator that returns true if EITHER of its operands are true,hon. Must be above all instances of calling the function. Only happens once.,
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