Python Programming: Chapter 6 Files and Exceptions Study Guide 2024.

Which step creates a connection between a file and a program? - ANSWER Open the file True/False: If the last line in a file is not terminated with a \n the readline method will return without a \n. - ANSWER True Which method will return an empty string when it has attempted to read beyond the end of a file? - ANSWER readline Which method could be used to convert a numeric value to a string? - ANSWER str() How many types of files are there? - ANSWER two what happens when a piece of data is written to a file? - ANSWER Data is copied from a variable in the RAM to a file What do you call the process of retrieving data from a file? - ANSWER reading data True/False: It is possible to create while loop that determines when the end of a file has been reached. - ANSWER True True/False: Python allows the programmer to work with text and number files - ANSWER false Which mode specifier will erase the contents of the file if it already exist and create it if it does not exist? - ANSWER 'w' True/False: An exception headler is a piece of code that is written using the try/except statement. - ANSWER True True/False: The ZeroDivisionError exception is raised when the program attempts to perform a division by zero - ANSWER True

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