Professional Nursing 9th Edition Black Test Bank

Professional Nursing 9th Edition Black Test Bank Professional Nursing 9th Edition Black Test Bank Chapter 1: professional nursing MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which early nursing leader founded the first training school for nurses that would later become a model for early nursing education? a. Dorothea Dix b. Florence Nightingale c. Clara Barton d. Mary Ann Bickerdyke ANS: B Feedback A Dorothea Dix is best known as an advocate for the mentally ill, and she created a brief training program at two New York hospitals for women who wished to serve as nurses in the Civil War. B Florence Nightingale founded the first training school for nurses at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London in 1806. This became the model for nursing education in the United States. C Clara Barton is known for founding the American Red Cross. D Mary Ann Bickerdyke is best known for nursing services during the Civil War. DIF: Cognitive Level: Knowledge 2. Who was the first educated African American professional nurse? a. Linda Richards b. Phoebe Pember c. Sojourner Truth d. Mary Eliza Mahoney ANS: D Feedback A Linda Richards was the first trained nurse in the United States. B Phoebe Pember was one of the first women placed in charge of a hospital. C Sojourner Truth was a famous abolitionist who served as a nurse for the Union forces in the Civil War. D Mary Eliza Mahoney was the first African American professional nurse; she was educated at the New England Hospital for Women and Children. DIF: Cognitive Level: Knowledge 3. To which early nursing leader is attributed the founding of the American Red Cross? a. Clara Barton b. Dorothea Dix Professional Nursing 9th Edition Black Test Bank c. Florence Nightingale d. Lavinia Lloyd Dock ANS: A Feedback A Founding the American Red Cross is attributed to Clara Barton. B Dorothea Dix was superintendent of women nurses of the Union Army. C Florence Nightingale was an English pioneer in nursing. D Lavinia Lloyd Dock was influential in forming the National League for Nursing (NLN). DIF: Cognitive Level: Knowledge 4. What were some of the application requirements of nursing education programs in the 1900s? a. Male, intelligent, strong b. Female, sensitive, subservient c. Female, docile, from poor background d. Male, high breeding, independent ANS: B Feedback A Men were not thought to be sensitive enough for nursing. B Sensitivity, breeding, intelligence, ladylike behavior, and submission to authority were highly desired personal traits for nursing students. C High breeding was desirable for nursing education program applicants. D Men were not desired nursing education program applicants. DIF: Cognitive Level: Knowledge Which of the following statements best describes how the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 became a pivotal point in the history of nursing education in the United States? e. Florence Nightingale’s work on sanitation and its relationship to mortality rates was finally recognized. f. The organization today known as the NLN was formed to address issues in nursing education. g. The American Nurses Association (ANA) was formed to oversee nursing education in the United States.

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