PN VATI Comprehensive Predictor 2024 Green Light Exam Study LATEST GRADED A+

PN VATI Comprehensive Predictor 2024 Green Light Exam Study LATEST GRADED A+ A nurse at a long-term care facility is caring for a client who requires oral suctioning. Which of the following supplies should the nurse plan to use for this task? Yankauer catheter A nurse in a long-term care facility is serving on the ethics committee, which is addressing a client care dilemma. Which of the following strategies will facilitate resolving the dilemma? (Select all that apply) Determine the facts related to the dilemma Identify possible solutions Consider the client's wishes A nurse is talking with a client whose son died in a motor- vehicle crash 2 weeks ago. The client states, "I really thought I'd be back to my usual routines by now, but I can't think of anything else except that my son is gone." Which of the following responses should the nurse make? "Grieving for your son is hard work. It will take as much time as you need to come to terms with your loss." A nurse is reinforcing teaching with a client about cancer prevention. The nurse should include that frequent consumption of which of the following foods increases the risk for developing cancer? Lamb A nurse notices an assistive personnel (AP) taking a nap in the break room during meal time. The nurse also notes that the AP is drowsy while performing routine tasks. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? Report the observations about the AP to the unit's nurse manager A nurse on a pediatric unit is collecting data from four newly admitted clients. Which of the following clients should the nurse identify as being at risk for urinary retention? A school-age child who has allergic rhinitis and is taking diphenhydramine A nurse is caring for a client following a bronchoscopy. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? Check for a gag reflex A nurse is assisting with the admission of a client who has a latex allergy. The nurse should identify that which of the following supplies has the potential to contain latex? Indwelling urinary catheter A nurse is performing postmortem care for a client prior to the arrival of the client's family for viewing of the body. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? Gently close the client's eyelids A nurse is reinforcing teaching with a cl

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