personality psychology domains of knowledge about human nature 6th edition by randy larsen test bank/

personality psychology domains of knowledge about human nature 6th edition by randy larsen test bank/ ExamName___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Features of personality that differentiate one person from another usually take the formof ________ in language. A) action-descriptive verbs B) trait-differentiating adverbs C) differential pronouns D) trait-descriptive adjectives 1)2) If I describe Juan as "possessive" or Anita as "friendly," I am employing the use of A) strategies to attain goals. B) trait-descriptive adjectives. C) inner psychological states. D) inner qualities of personality. 2)3) How many trait-descriptive adjectives are there in the English language? A) More than 500 B) Nearly 20,000 C) More than 1,800 D) More than 5,000 3)4) Psychologists have found it difficult to define personality because A) any definition of personality needs to be sufficiently comprehensive to include amultitude of concepts. B) the idea of studying human personality is a rather new concept in psychology. C) personality has a common sense definition that psychologists find hard to falsify. D) psychologists are not smart enough to determine the boundaries of human personality. 4)5) Research on personality traits asks all of these questions EXCEPT A) where personality traits come from. B) which cues cause behaviour in a situation. C) how many fundamental personality traits are there. D) how personality traits are organized. 5)6) Philippe walks the same path every day at the same time. To state that he will mostlikely take the same route at the same time next Wednesday is using the ________ nature of personality traits. A) predictive B) individualistic C) descriptive D) explanatory 6)7) Mike makes several social errors at a party. He calls the host by the wrong name, spillshis red wine on the carpet, and insults the guest of honour. We label Mike's behaviour as"socially inept." This labelling of Mike's behaviour utilizes the ________ researchapproach to personality traits. A) explanatory B) intuitive C) descriptive D) presumptive

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