P&C License Exam - Practice Test Questions and Answers 100% Pass

P&C License Exam - Practice Test Questions and Answers 100% Pass Who would be able to collect survivor and death benefits from WC in the event the covered injury resulting in the death of an employee? ✔✔Spouse of Employee Which type of crime best describes someone who waits until store personnel are preoccupied and pockets merchandise while no one is looking and leaves without detection ✔✔Robbery Not a common exclusion in a liability policy ✔✔damage caused by acts of civil disobedience and riots The party who agrees to be responsible for loss in the case of a fidelity bond? ✔✔The Surety An insured has transportation expenses coverage under part D of the personal auto policy when involved in a collision. Coverage provides which of the following? ✔✔Rental Reimbursement until claim is settled by insurance An insured operates an auto repair shop and has a garage coverage form with garagekeepers insurance when an employee on a test drive with a customer's car is involved in a crash. How will the customer's car be covered by the insured's policy? ✔✔The customer's car is covered for any physical damage while in custody of the insured For the purpose of worker's compensation insurance who would not be subject to worker's compensation laws, either as an employer or an employee? ✔✔A Crew member of an ocean going vessel Is bodily injury to an insured's nonresident family member or relative an exclusion found under the personal auto policy Part A liability coverage? ✔✔No Does An auto not titled to an insured but available for regular use of named insured or family member describe a non owned auto under the commercial auto policy symbol 9? ✔✔No What best describes the CGL's general aggregate limit as it applies to the coverage parts of the CGL? ✔✔Coverage A, B, and C apply in sum and are the most that will be paid subject to the general aggregate limit Does Worker's Compensation benefits for loss of wages include replacement of a portion of lost wages? ✔✔Yes An extended reporting period attached to a general liability policy provides coverage in which of the following ways? ✔✔It provides coverage for claims made outside the policy term Under the dwelling policy conditions, how would the insurance company settle a loss? ✔✔Company has the option to repair to pre-loss condition Is carpeting that is permanently installed inside the building included in the property coverage of a BOP? ✔✔Yes Are outdoor signs that are not attached to the building included in the property coverage of a BOP? ✔✔No Would carpet cleaning after a water main break trigger coverage under business income form with extra expense coverage? ✔✔Yes Would Employee Pay after a building structure is damaged trigger coverage under business income form with extra expense coverage? ✔✔No

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