Nocti study for electrical latest 2023 graded A+

Nocti study for electrical latest 2023 graded A+ the proper angle for setting up a ladder is to place the base at an_________ ( the working length of the ladder ) ✔✔quarter The government organization whose purpose is to set and enforce work site safety and health standards is ✔✔OSHA In General, a beginning trades person with little or no experience in the electrical field is know as ✔✔An apprentice All electrical equipment must be considered ______ before working on it ✔✔energized If the scale on a blueprint indicates 1/8 inch equals 1´ then a line that measures 10 inches would indicate a site measurement ✔✔80 feet if the lighting requirement is 3 volt amps per square foot and a home is 40 feet by 90 feet the required volt-amps for lighting would be ✔✔LwA = the answer so 10,800 volt-amps Which of the following hammers is most commonly used in electrical construction ✔✔claw what are industrial screwdriver blades made of ✔✔Tempered Steel All power tools should be grounded and must have

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