NOCTI Sample Questions and Answers with Verified Solutions

NOCTI Sample Questions and Answers with Verified Solutions NB: Answers appear at the top of the questions and are verified Class C What fire extinguisher should be used on an electrical fire? Immediate Danger Only When should a person with a serious electrical injury be moved? A Grounded Mat Use this to prevent static electricity damage? First Aid Procedures, Proper Handling/Storage, & Product Reactivity What information is on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)? OSHA What govt. organization sets and enforces worksite safety & health standards? Resistor This symbol indicates what? Larger Value Resistor Which resistor will dissipate the least power when 2 resistors are parallel? Isolation This diagram that represents what type of transformer? 3.1 Amps How much current is going through 15.5 volts with a 5 Ohms resistance? OR Gate Name the type of gate. A + BC Reduce (A+B)(A+C) to the simplest Boolean form. 1001010 What is the binary equivalent of the hexadecimal number 4A? DIAC Name this symbol. Resistance Every digital multimeter can measure 3 basic things: current, voltage, and ___________. Ammeter Measure a current with this instrument. Triangle A function generator produces 3 basic wave shapes: sine, square, and ___________. 20 to 20,000 Hz The frequency range of an audio signal generator. 396 watts The power of an electronic device that runs on 36-volt supply and takes 11 amps. Sum of the power dissipated by the resistors The total power of a circuit. 1.414 volts The RMS is ______if the peak value of a given AC waveform is 2 volts. Step-up A ______transformer has more secondary turns than primary turns. Doubled If resistance remains the same and voltage is doubled in an AC circuit, then the current is _________. Full cycle The period of given AC waveform is the time for one of these. Routing process All of the connections that are shown on a schematic must be made in the copper on the printed circuit board. Wiped clean Prior to inning the tip with silver, the tip should be ______. Quality Control Engineer The person who is responsible for product manufacturing reliability and the assurance of accuracy. BS in Engineering Technology This degree is required to begin a career in biomedical engineering.

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