NOCTI- Healthcare Core Study Guide Latest 2023 Graded A+

NOCTI- Healthcare Core Study Guide Latest 2023 Graded A+ When communicating with an individual who is hearing impaired, it is usually effective to speak louder. ✔✔False You do not need to be concerned with what you say around unconscious or comatose patients because they cannot hear. ✔✔False The differing customs of other cultures maybe communication barriers. ✔✔True The patient chart is a legal document. ✔✔True You can be sued for taking a picture of a patient without permission. ✔✔True Once a patient gives informed consent, the consent cannot be revoked. ✔✔False Acute stress is a negative influence on wellness. ✔✔False Stress is not a factor in these leading causes of death: accidents and cancer. ✔✔False Once a person passes through a stage of grief, they are unlikely to return to that stage. ✔✔False A person's birthplace can affect the person's self-concept. ✔✔True A hospital that operates under religious or other voluntary group is a(n) _______ hospital. ✔✔non-profit A hospital that operated as part of a corporation is a(n) _______ hospital. ✔✔proprietary Which of the following is NOT a purpose of health care providers? provide quality care based on need prevent illness, injury, and loss of function promote recovery and health use multi-disciplinary health terms attend to the emotional and religious needs of t

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