NOCTI GA Engineering & Technology Study Guide (2022/2023) Rated A+

NOCTI GA Engineering & Technology Study Guide (2022/2023) Rated A+ CAD ✔✔computer aided drafting plot plan ✔✔diagram showing everything at the project site at a set scale floor plan ✔✔diagram showing arrangement of rooms and furniture at a set scale elevation plan ✔✔diagram showing the external face of a building showing height at a set scale foundation plan ✔✔diagram showing the plane view of a structure at a set scale specification sheets ✔✔a document describing the specifications a product or property Brainstorm ✔✔A group technique for solving problems, generating ideas, stimulating creative thinking, etc. by unrestrained spontaneous participation in discussion. Client ✔✔A person using the services of a professional person or organization. Creativity ✔✔The ability to make or bring a new concept or idea into existence; marked by the ability or power to create. Criteria ✔✔A means of judging. A standard, rule, or test by which something can be judged. Constraint ✔✔1. A limit to a design process. Constraints may be such things as appearance, funding, space, materials, and human capabilities. 2. A limitation or restriction. Design ✔✔1. An iterative decision-making process that produces plans by which resources are converted into products or systems that meet human needs and wants or solve problems. 2. A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of something before it is built or made. 3. A decorative pattern. Design Brief ✔✔A written plan that identifies a problem to be solved, its criteria, and its constraints. Encourage thinking of all aspects of a problem before attempting a solution. Design Process ✔✔A systematic problem-solving strategy, with criteria and constraints, used to develop many possible solutions to solve a problem or sat

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