NGN NUR2092 Health Assessment Exam 2 Quiz Bank Questions and Answers with Rationale Latest 2023/2024 A+ GRADE

NGN NUR2092 Health Assessment Exam 2 Quiz Bank Questions and Answers with Rationale Latest 2023/2024 A+ GRADE The nurse will use which technique of assessment to determine the presence of crepitus, swelling, and pulsations? a.Palpation b.Inspection c.Percussion d.Auscultation RAT: Palpation applies the sense of touch to assess texture, temperature, moisture, organ location and size, as well as any swelling, vibration or pulsation, rigidity or spasticity, crepitation, presence of lumps or masses, and the presence of tenderness or pain. The nurse is preparing to use an otoscope for an examination. Which statement is true regarding the otoscope? The otoscope: a.Is often used to direct light onto the sinuses. b.Uses a short, broad speculum to help visualize the ear. c.Is used to examine the structures of the internal ear. d.Directs light into the ear canal and onto the tympanic membrane. RAT: The otoscope directs light into the ear canal and onto the tympanic membrane that divides the external and middle ear. A short, broad speculum is used to visualize the nares. An examiner is using an ophthalmoscope to examine a patient’s eyes. The patient has astigmatism and is nearsighted. The use of which of these techniques would indicate that the examination is being correctly performed? a.Using the large full circle of light when assessing pupils that are not dilated b.Rotating the lens selector dial to the black numbers to compensate for astigmatism c.Using the grid on the lens aperture dial to visualize the external structures of the eye d.Rotating the lens selector dial to bring the object into focus RAT: The ophthalmoscope is used to examine the internal eye structures. It can compensate for nearsightedness or farsightedness, but it will not correct for astigmatism. The grid is used to assess size and location of lesions on the fundus. The large full spot of light is used to assess dilated pupils. Rotating the lens selector dial brings the object into focus. A man is at the clinic for

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