LATEST ATI Pharmacology NGN EXAM 2023 A+ GRADE LATEST PASS 1.A nurse is caring for a client who is experiencing a diazepam overdose which of the following medications should the nurse administer 1. naloxone 2. dilsufiran 3. flumazenil 4. naltrexenon 2.a nurse is caring for a client who has severe hypertension and isto receive nitroprusside via continue IV infusion 1. Keep calcium gluconate at the client's bedside 2. protect the IV bag from exposure to light 3. attach a inline filter to the IV tubbing 4. monitor blood pressure every two hours 3. 1. Hospice 2. rehabilitation facility 3. restorative care 4. RESPITE care 4.a nurse is preparing to perform a dressing change on a preschooler which of the following actions to the nurse take to prepare the child for the procedure 1. limit teaching sessions about the procedure to 20 minutes 2. ask the parentsto wait outside the room during the procedure 3. explain in simple terms how the procedure will affect the child 4. instruct the child in deep breathing methods prior to the procedure 5.a nurse is planning care for a client who has cancer and is about to receive low dose brachytherapy via a vaginal implant applicator which of the following interventionsshould the nurse include in the plan of care 1. Removal of vaginal packing 2. insertion of an indwelling urinary catheter 3. ambulation times a day 4. maintenance of NPO status on the therapy is completed 6.a nurse is caring for a client who has a chronic kidney failure Anna serum potassium level of 6.8 which of the following actions should the nurse take 1st 1. prepare the client for hemodialysis 2. initiate continuous cardiac monitoring 3. Rick West a prescription to obtain the clients arterial blood gases 4. Give sodium polystyrene sulfonate to the client REAL NGN PASS SKPASS GREAT STUDIES 7.A nurse on a medical surgical unit is caring for a client who states that she plans to leave the facility against medical advice for which of the following actions by the nurse should the charge nurse intervene (OJO this is a negative question) 1. ask the client to sign a form releasing the hospital from legal responsibility 2. showsthe client her abnormal lab values 3. ask the client what her plans are for follow up care 4. ask security to detain decline until the provider is notified 8.a nurse is assessing a client who is 2 hours postpartum for uterine atony which of the following actions should the nurse take 1. monitorthe clients urinary output 2. Palpate he clients fundus 3. check the client's vital signs 4. evaluate the clients pain level 9.a nurse is providing prenatal teaching to a client who is 12 weeks gestation the nurse should tell the client that she will undergo which of the following screening tests at 16 weeks of gestation 1. chronic villussampling 2. non stresstest 3. maternalserum Alpha fetoprotein 4. cervical culturesfor chlamydia 10.a nurse is assisting with food selection for a client who follows kosher dietary traditions which of the following food choices should the nurse include in a client food tray 1. bacon and cheese Quiche with milk 2. scrambled eggs and toast with milk 3. ham sandwich with milk 4. shrimp salad and tomato soup with milk 11.a nurse is assessing a client who is pregnant and has a new diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum which of the following findings should the nurse expect 1. urine output 20 milliliters per hour 2. weight gain of 2kg 3. distended neck veins

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