HESI EXIT MED SURGE NGN EXAM Questions and Answers 100%Correct/verified Guaranteed Rated A+ 2024

HESI EXIT MED SURGE NGN EXAM Questions and Answers 100%Correct/verified Guaranteed Rated A+ 2024 True or False: A virus is considered a microorganism. False. Viruses are not living and as such are not considered microorganisms. Viruses can, however, be classified as microbes, a more general term that includes microorganisms and viruses. 1.What is the smallest biological unit of life? A cell. 2.At a generalized level, all cells are comprised of what? Macromolecules* *A student may also answer: Proteins, Lipids, Nucleic acids and Polysaccharides but they must answer with all four to be fully correct. 1.Which of the following microorganisms are considered to be Eukarya? Select all that apply. A.Animalia B.Plantae C.Fungi D.Protista A,B,C,D 2.True of False: All multicellular microorganisms classified as Animalia are heterotrophic. True 3.Microorganisms classified as Plantae obtain most of their energy by converting energy into energy. Light (sunlight); chemical (sugars) 1.Define catabolism. Catabolism is the process of breaking down larger molecules into useful energy sources. 2.Upon cellular injury, which metabolic process is involved during the growth and repair phases of the cell? The anabolic process would be active as it (by definition) is involved in the building up of small complexes into larger complexes. 1.In phosphorylation, the light reactions always occur where? The process of converting light energy into chemical energy (photophosphorylation) always occurs in the membrane. 2.True or False: The Calvin cycle must occur in the absence of light. False. The term ‘dark reactions’ (also known as the Calvin Cycle) simply denotes the second stage in photosynthesis—dark reactions do not actually require darkness in order to occur. 1.Assuming a constant (non-adjustable) light source power, identify the part of the microscope you would adjust to limit the amount of light entering the microscope. Select all that apply. A.Objective B.Condenser C.Iris diaphragm D.Eye piece C. The iris controls the amount of light that passes through the sample and into the objective lens. Thus, it can be adjusted (opened or closed) to alter the amount of light. 2.What is the total magnification (relative to your eye) of a sample imaged with a 60x objective and a 10x eyepiece? Show your math. 60 x 10 = 600x magnification

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