a 62-year-old former pro football player is in the hospital for a total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis. Which theory of aging would help explain this patient's current health problems? - wear and tear A effective way to provide nourishment to a patient with advanced dementia who wanders is? - offer finger foods a home health nurse is assessing an older adult client in the home who has decreased vision due to a history of glaucoma. Which of the following findings should the nurse identify as a safety risk? - throw rugs are present in the kitchen a home health nurse is teaching an older adult client who just had cataract surgery. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include - no bending at the waist A nurse enters the room of a recently admitted elderly client in a longterm care facility and overhears a CNA calling the client "Granny". Which of the following would be the most appropriate action on the part of the nurse? - While in the clients room w/CNA. the nurse address the client by her formal name. The nurse then asks the patient how she would like to be addressed A nurse is a medical clinic is providing teaching to an older adult client who has osteoarthritis that is affecting her knees. Which of the following client statements indicated an understanding of the teaching? - I can use either heat or ice to relieve the discomfort a nurse is caring for an older patient in the hospital who reports: "I am worried because simple tasks such as balancing my checkbook seem to take me a little longer. Is there something wrong with me?" The best response by the nurse is - As you age, normal changes in the brain make central processing such as balancing a check book, take a little longer a nurse is observing a aide perform denture care for a resident in nursing home. the nurse recommends that the aide receive additional education on denture care when the nurse observes which of the following? - the aide uses toothpaste A nurse provides an annual flu prevention workshop at a local senior center. The activities include a lecture on preventing infections, which includes hand washing and limiting exposure to individuals who are ill, as well as an influenza immunization clinic

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