A 65-year-old woman is speaking to her nurse at the primary care clinic. She states that it is very painful for her when she has sexual relations. She asks the nurse what she could do to alleviate the pain. Which of the following suggestions could the nurse make to the woman? A) Decrease the incidence of sexual relations. B) Use a water-soluble lubricant or estrogen cream. C) While engaging in intercourse, have your partner thrust his penis upward. D) Use a polyisoprene (non-latex) condom for intercourse - Ans: B With age, there is a thinning of the vaginal mucosa, which creates dryness and predisposes women to irritation and inflammation so using a water-soluble lubricant or estrogen cream may be helpful. The male partner should thrust downward instead of upward during sexual intercourse. Decreasing the incidence of sexual relations may lead to a "use it or lose it" principle. Use of a condom, latex or polyisoprene, will not decrease vaginal wall irritation. 1. A 76-year-old Hispanic woman has been admitted to the hospital. There are no advance directives in the chart. Which of the following questions will best prepare the nurse to begin a dialogue with this client about advance directives? A) "With whom do you talk to about your health care decisions?" B) "I see that you have no advanced directives on your chart, could you tell me about that?" C) "Is there someone we should call to join us while we discuss your care?" D) "Tell me about your living arrangements; do you live alone or with others?" - Ans: A Nurses need to identify patterns of culturally influenced decision making in order to ask questions and obtain relevant information from clients of different cultures. Why there are no advance directives on the chart is not the place to start to open the conversation. Whether or not she lives with someone, inviting family to join reflects an emphasis on family caregiving consistent with the Hispanic culture.

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