Exam 3 test

Exam 3 test A 39 week gestation patient has been diagnosed with placenta prevue. Which action should the nurse implement immediately for this patient in the office? Prepare patient for an emergent blood transfusion You Answered Perform a vaginal examination to assess the extent of bleeding Bed rest until delivery Correct Answer Establish fetal heart rate by the US monitor Question 2 2 / 2 pts A nurse explains to a pregnant client that she will need to take an iron supplement during her pregnancy after being diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia. The nurse educates the patient that maternal absorption of iron can be increased by taking it with which substance? Meals high in iron Milk Correct! Citric juices Legumes Exam 3 test Question 3 2 / 2 pts A nurse is educating a pregnant woman newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes. What actions should the nurse instruct the patient? Ingest smaller amounts of food prior to sleep to prevent nocturnal hyperglycemia Discontinue insulin injections until 15 weeks gestation Correct! Notify the Obstetrician if she is unable to eat because of nausea and vomiting. Prepare foods with increased carbohydrates to provide needed calories Question 4 2 / 2 pts A patient presents to the clinic for rule out labor. She states that she doesn't know how to time her contractions and has wasted the physicians time. How would the nurse educate the patient about timing contractions How many contractions occur in 5 minutes. The interval between the acme of two consecutive contractions Correct! The beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next

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