Electronic NOCTI Review WCCTC Latest 2023 Graded A+

Electronic NOCTI Review WCCTC Latest 2023 Graded A+ Permanent Magnets- ✔✔Readily retain their magnetic field for a long period of time Temporary Magnets- ✔✔lose magnetism quickly Two types of magnets- ✔✔Metallic Magnets & Ceramic Magnets Two Popular Classifications- ✔✔Alcino & Cunife Coulomb's Law- ✔✔Like poles repel and unlike poles attract Flux Lines- ✔✔Lines of magnetic force that surround a magnet Four Basic Rules & Characteristics: ✔✔1. Flux lines have direction or polarity(N+S) 2. The lines o force always form complete loops 3. Flux lines cannot cross each other 4. Flux lines tend to form the smallest possible loops; ex. unlike poles attract Left-hand Magnetic Field Rule: ✔✔• Thumb in direction of current flow • Fingers in direction of flux lines Electromagnetic Induction- ✔✔Action that caus

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