CIS ITSM Exam April 2022/2023. (ITSM Foundations And ITSM Implementation Courses)

What are the areas that ServiceNow provides IT services for? ✔✔1. IT 2. Customer service 3. Security 4. HR 5. Business apps What is the value of Incident Management? ✔✔1. Restore service faster 2. Minimize service interruptions 3. More efficient identification, prioritization and resolution of incidents 4. Escalation to correct groups leads to faster resolution What are Benchmarks/KPIs for Incident (7)? ✔✔1. % of high priority incidents resolved 2. % of incidents resolved on the first assignment 3. % of incidents resolved within SLA 4. % of reopened Incidents 5. average time to resolve high priority incident 6. average time to resolve an incident 7. number of incidents per user What are the stages of the Incident Lifecycle? ✔✔1. Create and classify 2. Investigate and diagnose 3. Resolve and close What are the activities during Create and classify stage of the incident lifecycle? ✔✔1. Create new or locate an existing incident 2. Define and classify incident details 3. Assign the incident to yourself or another group What is the state of an incident during the Create and Classify stage? ✔✔New What are the configuration steps to complete to satisfy the Create and Classify stage of the incident lifecycle? ✔✔1. Form layout 2. Categorization 3. Prioritization 4. Incident deflection 5. Record producers 6. Inbound actions What are activities during Investigate and Diagnose stage of the incident lifecycle? ✔✔1. Locate the assigned incident and take ownership 2. Investigate and diagnose symptoms 3. Update incident activity (work notes, comments)

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