ATI RN Concept-Based Assessment Study Guide

1. orthostatic hypotension: caused by DEHYDRATION from fluid loos and elec- trolyte imbalance 2. gross motor skills: physical abilities involving large body movements, such as walking and jumping -EX: 9 month-old infant SHOULD be able to sit UNSUPPORTED for up to 10 MIN 3. Biofeedback: technique that uses audio and visual signals that allow client to reduce muscle tension by gaining control over autonomic physiologic functions. 4. How should phenytoin be administered? Why?: - administered IV bolus at a rate no greater than 50mg/min. -to prevent HYPOTENSION and BRADYCARDIA 5. Manifestations of Parkinson's Disease: tremor, rigidity, BRADYKINESIA, pos- tural instability, depression and other psychiatric changes, dementia, autonomic symptoms, sleep disturbances 6. Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma: spreads ERRATICALLY through the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM to other organs. It also manifest in PAINLESS, swollen lymph nodes found in the CERVICAL, AXILLLARY, INGUINAL, & FEMORAL areas. 7. Hodgkin's lymphoma: spreads SYSTEMICALLY from one group of lymph nodes to the next group of nodes. 8. Important teachings for client with new prescription of a DIAPHRAGM.: - -should remain in place for 6HR FOLLOWING INTERCOURSE -should remove diaphragm NO MORE THAN 24HRS following intercourse -insert diaphragm NO MORE THAN 6HR PRIOR to intercourse -apply about 10ml (2tsp) of SPERMICIDE inside diaphragm prior to intercourse -replace every 2 yrs. -client should be refitted if their weight FLUCTUATE BY 20% -client should be refitted following a ABDOMINAL SURGERY, PELVIC SURGERY, & after each pregnancy 9. A client with fibrocystic breast condition will...: have BREAST PAIN and tenderness as well ass LUMPS usually in the UPPER OUTER QUADRANT of the breast. 10. Expected findings of INTRADUCTAL PAPILLOMA BREAST disorder?: - lection of NA scharge of DIP joint al organs with finding will include: -mass in duct and NIPPLE DISCHARGE 11. Expected findings of DUCTAL EXTASIS BREAST DISORDER?: Enlarged axillary nodes and Nipple discharge. 12. Client with COPD will experience...: DIGITAL CLUBBING, which DECREAS- ES arterial O2 levels. 13. tophi with chronic gout: hard, painless nodule on first toe, col urate crystals due to chronic gout, sometimes bursts with chalky di 14. Swan neck deformity: -hyperextension of PIP joint and flexion -late manifestation of RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS (RA) 15. scleroderma: chronic progressive disease of the skin and intern hardening and shrinking of connective tissue -EXPECT flexion or contracture of joints. (late manifestation) of this disn children IZED PAIN, 16. Preferred meal plan for a patient with DIVERTICULITIS: - advance to high-fiber diet. Best source of fiber is a BANANA which yields 3.1g of FIBER. 17. Diverticulitis: inflammation of the diverticula 18. What type of medication can increase a patient's risk for a stroke?: -oral contraceptives B/C this will INCREASE the risk for developing a THROMBOEM- BOLISM. 19. A client with HYPOPITUITARISM places the them at risk for developing what type of condition?: -osteoporosis 20. How does light to moderate drinking, (150ml or 5oz of wine each day) affect the client's risk for having a stroke?: it doesn't increase, it actually DECREASES the risk for stroke. 21. What is Ewing Sarcoma? What are expected manifestations ease?: -rare malignant tumor arising in bone; most often occurring i -client will experience pain in the UPPER THIGH as well as LOCAL SWELLING, & PALPABLE MASS. 22. What are expected findings of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?: - decrease visual acuity, diplopia, changes in peripheral vision, & nystagmus (repeat of uncontrolled movements). 23. What are expected finding of Amyotrophic Later Sclerosis (ALS)?: -fasci- fulcations of the face, twitching of the face or tongue. 24. What is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)?: Also known an Lou Gherig's disease, ALS is a motor neuron disease which can lead to paralysis. 25. borderline personality disorder: condition marked by extreme instability in mood, identity, and impulse control. -client's with this condition experience SUICIDAL IDEATION & SUBSTANCE ABUSE. 26. narcissistic personality disorder: characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a preoccupation with fantasies of success or power, and a need for constant attention or admiration or ARROGANCE 27. historonic personality disorder: Impulsive attention seeking behavaior

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