ATI RN Comprehensive Practice B Remediation

ATI RN Comprehensive Practice B Remediation Advance Directives/Self-Determination/Life Planning o Professional Responsibilities: Evaluating Client Understanding of Advance Directives  Inform the client that he/she can designate a health care surrogate to make informed decisions for a them for when they become incompetent or unable to.  Educate the client that the surrogate should be someone who is familiar with the client’s wishes.  Educate the client that a durable power of attorney is an adjunct to a living will and it is a more effective way of ensuring that the client’s decisions about health care are honored.  Advocacy o Professional Responsibilities: Teaching About Advocacy  The nurse plays the role of the informer, supporter, and mediator, for the client.  It is the nurse’s responsibility to advocate for resources or services that meet the client’s health care needs.  Nurses acts as advocates for communities and populations through efforts to change the health care systems and improve quality of life.  Assignment, Delegation and Supervision o Managing Client Care: Planning Tasks to Delegate to an Assistive Personnel  The assistive personnel can be delegated tasks that are related to ADLs such as bathing, grooming, feeding the patient, and etc.  The assistive personnel can be delegated to obtain vital signs for a patient that is in stable condition.  The assistive personnel can be delegated to obtain the patient’s intake and output. o Managing Client Care: Priority Step in the Time Management Process  A list of tasks that needs to be completed should be made for effective time management.  Complete one client care task before beginning the next, starting with the highest priority task.  Reprioritize remaining tasks based on continual reassessment of client care needs.  Case Management o Cystic Fibrosis: Evaluating the Need for a Chest Compression Vest  A chest compression vest is needed to provide adequate amount of mucus production.  A chest compression vest is combined with the use of nebulization therapy. Downloaded by: Ariah | Distribution of this document is illegal - The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material  A chest compression vest helps loosen and thin the mucus in the lungs.  Concepts of Management o Coordinating Client Care: Priority Action to Implement Staffing Changes  Before a nurse manager can implement staffing changes, the nurse manager needs to assess the situation to see what is causing the unit to be understaffed.  The nurse manager needs to start putting a plan together on what changes will be made, when it will start, and how it is going to get done.  The nurse manager should also ask the staff for their feedback on the ideas of the staffing changes to better improve the plan. o Practice Settings and Nursing Roles in the Community: Evaluating Understanding of Hospice Care  Hospice care is implemented for a client who is not expected to live longer than 6 months.  The focus of hospice care is to enhance quality of life and supporting the client toward a peaceful and dignified death.  Hospice care can be delivered in a variety of settings.  Establishing Priorities o Managing Client Care: Prioritizing Client Care  First the nurse should assess the types of client she has and the acuity of their condition.  The nurse should make a list of tasks that needs to be done for each client and prioritize the most important one at the top.  The nurse should reprioritize the list after reassessment of the clients.  Information Technology o Care of Specific Populations: Identifying Resources to Improve Health Care for Migrant Farmworkers  Agency for Healthcare Resource and Quality (AHRQ) conducts research to improve the quality, affordability, and safety of healthcare services.  AHRQ uses research data to publish clinical guidelines and recommendations for a variety of health conditions.  Assess what interventions and “at risk” factors that population might be facing.  Emergency Response Plan o Emergency Preparedness: Priority Action Following a School Emergency  The nurse first should assess the situation and area before determining a course of action.  The nurse should assess how many people are injured, who is injured, the severity of the injury, and are there resources available.  The nurse should classify the disaster based on type, level, and scope. Downloaded by: Ariah | Distribution of this document is illegal - The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material o Facility Protocols: Recommending Clients for Discharge During Disaster  Ambulatory clients who requires minimal care should be considered for discharge first.  Clients who require continuation of care and requires assistance can be placed in home or tertiary facility.  Clients who are unstable or require continuing nursing care and assessment should not be discharge or relocated unless there is imminent danger.  Ergonomic Principles o Musculoskeletal and Neurologic Systems: Performing a Romberg Test  The first step to performing a Romberg test is to have the client stand with their feet together.  The client should have both of their arms at their side and eyes closed.  The expected finding is for the client to have minimal swaying for at least for 5 seconds.  Safe Use of Equipment o Arthroplasty: Continuous Passive Motion Machine  A continuous passive motion machine is prescribed to promote motion in the knee, promote circulation, and prevent scar tissue formation.  A continuous passive motion machine is usually placed immediately right after surgery.  A continuous passive motion machine provides passive motion from full extension to the prescribed amount of flexion.  Standard Precautions/Transmission-Based Precautions/Surgical Asepsis o Cancer Treatment Options: Caring for a Client Who Has Immunosuppression  Monitor temperature, white blood cells, and ANC.  Report a fever that is greater than 37.8 degree Celsius (100-degree Fahrenheit) to the provider immediately.  Monitor skin and mucous membranes for infection (breakdown, fissures, and abscess). o Infection Control: Isolation Precautions for a Client Who Has Pneumonia  A client who has pneumonia should be on droplet precautions.  The PPE that is required for droplet precautions are a gown, gloves, and surgical mask (with shield).  The nurse can perform hand hygiene with hand sanitizer unless hands are soiled then with water and soap.  Health Promotion/Disease Prevention o Osteoporosis: Teaching About Risk Factors  Lack of physical activity or prolonged immobility can cause an increased risk for osteoporosis

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