ATI PN COMPREHENSIVE PREDICTOR REAL EXAM 180 1. A nurse is caring for a group of clients, which of the following can be assigned to an assistive personnel? Collecting a stool specimen two tests for occult blood 2. A nurse is working on a unit for clients with dementia. Which of the following client situations requires the nurse to write an incident report? A client is found lying on the floor next to a chair 3. A nurse is discharging a client who was admitted for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus. The client is independent and lives alone. Which of the following should be included in the discharge plan? Refer the client to a diabetic support group. 4. A nurse is caring for a client who has type 2 diabetes mellitus and a blood glucose level of 60 mg/dL. For which of the following findings should the nurse monitor? Fasting plasma glucose level 5. A female client who is an abusive marriage has discusses with the nurse strategies to prevent this abuse. Which of the following client statements indicate an understanding of an appropriate strategy? "I need to recognize the signs that my husband is becoming abusive." c. "I need to identify what triggers my husband's anger to prevent his abuse." 6. A charge nurse in a long-term care facility is preparing to administer noon insulin to a client. The nurse observes that the assistive personnel (AP) has no documented the client's blood glucose level. Which of the following actions should the charge nurse take first? Determine if the AP has completed the assignment. 7. A client is scheduled for an outpatient colonoscopy+ which of the following actions is a nursing responsibility in the informed consent process? Verify that there is a signed and witnesses consent form in the client's chart. 8. A nurse smells alcohol on the breath of an assistive personnel CAP) during report. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? Report the situation to the nurse manager. 9. A nurse from a medical-surgical unit is floating to a postpartum unit. Which of the following clients is an appropriate assignment for the nurse to accept? A client who had a cesarean delivery 24hr ago. 10.A nurse in a provider's office is collecting data from a parent of an infant who is being screened for cystic fibrosis. Which of the following supports a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis? Frothy stools.

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