ATI COMPREHENSIVE PROCTORED EXAM LATEST 2024 NEW GENERATION A+GRADE A client is admitted with severe acute pancreatitis. While obtaining the client's blood pressure, the nurse notices a carpal spasm.What laboratory result would the nurse assess in response to this symptom? 1.Decreased albumin 2.Elevated troponin 3.Hyperkalemia 4. Hypocalcemia The nurse receives new prescriptions for a client with right lower quadrant pain and suspected acute appendicitis. Which prescription should the nurse implement first? 1.Administer 0.25 mg hydromorphone IV push for pain 2.Draw blood for complete blood count and electrolyte levels 3. Initiate IV access and infuse normal saline 100 mL/hr 4. Obtain brine specimen for urinalysis The clinic nurse is interviewing the parents of a 6-month-old client about the infant's diet. Which statement by the parents is most concerning? 1."Because apples are healthy, we make apple pie and feed small, soft bites to our baby." 2."If our baby refuses to finish foods, we continue to offer small bites, so food isn't wasted." 3. "Infant oatmeal sweetened with fresh honey is our baby's favorite breakfast." 4. "We found that the food in TV dinners can be easily pureed and is convenient." The parent of a 7-month-old reports that the child has been crying and vomiting with a distended belly for the past 4 hours. The infant is now lying quietly in the parent's arms with a pulse of 200/min and respirations of 60/min. Which of the following components of SBAR (situation, background, assessment, recommendation/read-back) communication is most important for the nurse to report to the health care provider? 1.Client has been ill for approximately 4 hours 2.Client has improved from apparent earlier distress 3. Client is now lethargic with abnormal vital signs 4. Does the health care provider want to order a laxative? The nurse reinforces teaching to a female client about taking misoprostol to prevent stomach ulcers. Which statement by the client would prompt further instruction? 1."I can take this medication with food if it hurts my stomach." 2."I must use a reliable form of birth control while taking this medication." 3."I should continue to take my ibuprofen as prescribed." 4."I will take this medicine with an antacid to decrease stomach upset." The nurse is reinforcing discharge teaching for the parents of a 1-year-old with a

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