ATI COMMUNITY HEALTH PROCTORED EXAM 2019 FORM A 1. A home health nurse is providing teaching to the guardian of a child who has leukemia about methods to prevent complications. Which of the following statements by the guardian indicates an understanding of the teaching? a. I’m sure my child will feel better now that he can ride his bike b. I should inspect my child’s mouth for sores c. I should take my child’s rectal temperature daily d. I will make sure my child gets his MMR vaccination this week 2. A school nurse is planning a safety education for a group of adolescent’s. The nurse should give priority to which of the following topics as the leading cause of death in this age group? a. Gun safety b. Motor vehicle safety c. Substance abuse prevention d. Sports injury prevention 3. A case manager is completing discharge planning for a client who has ETOH use disorder and cirrhosis of the liver. Which of the following actions should the case manager take first? a. Contact a social worker to assist the client with managing finances. b. Provide client information on self-help groups for ETOH use disorder c. Determine which home safety measure the client will need to implement d. Arrange for a home health nurse to visit the client following discharge. 4. A nurse in a community clinic is preparing and educational guide about cultural variances in expression of pain. Which of the following information should the nurse include? a. Puerto Rican cultural practices include the view that outspoken expression of pain is shameful. b. Middle eastern cultural practices include hiding pain from close family members c. Native Americans cultural practices include being outspoken about pain. d. Chinese cultural practices include enduring pain to prevent family dishonor. ATI COMMUNITY HEALTH PROCTORED EXAM 2019 FORM A 5. A faith based organization asks a community health nurse to develop mobile meal program for older adults who are no longer driving. Which of the following should the nurse plan to take first? a. Inquire about availability of volunteers b. Perform a needs assessment c. Determine potential funding sources for the program. d. Identify alternative solutions to address concerns. 6. A home health nurse is assessing a client who has AIDS. Which of the following responses by the client indicates a risk for suicide? a. I know that everything will be better soon b. I don’t want to lose control of my ability to make decisions. c. I’m afraid of experiencing pain near the end. d. I’m relying on my partner more and more for support. 7. A nurse is teaching a group of clients about ways to prevent skin cancer. Which of the following statements by the nurse demonstrates a primary prevention strategy? a. Avoid direct sunlight b/t 10am-4pm b. Apply cool tap water soaks for 20 mins to relieve sunburn c. Use acetaminophen as needed for sunburn d. Ensure you have a yearly skin examination with your provider 8. A nurse is conducting home visits to postpartum adolescents who participated in prenatal parenting classes. Which of the following statements indicates an understanding of the teaching? a. I warm my baby bottle in the microwave 30 seconds at a time b. I limit the time her grandparents cuddle my baby to prevent spoiling c. I carry my baby with me as I move around the house d. I use baby talk when talking to my baby 9. A home health nurse is planning the initial home visit for a client who has dementia and lives with his adult son’s family. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first during the visit? a. Encourage the family to join a support group b. Provide the family about respite care c. Engage the family in informal conversation d. Educate the family regarding the progression of dementia 10. A nurse is reviewing levels of prevention with a newly licensed nurse. Which of the following is an example of tertiary prevention. a. Promoting the use of helmets with children who ride bikes b. Providing STI testing for students on a college campus c. Teaching about inhaler use in a client who has asthma d. Educating adults about breast cancer screening guidelines 11.A nurse educator is teaching a group of newly licensed nurses about maintaining client confidentially according to HIPAA regulations. Which of the following statements by a newly licensed nurse indicates an understanding of the teaching? a. HIPAA rules vary from state to state b. We should share our computer password with our managers c. HIPAA rules allows clients to receive a copy of the medical records d. A client dx can be posted on the communication board inside the clients room 12.A parish nurse is counseling a family following a client’s recent dx with heart diseases. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? a. Assist the client and the client partner finding an affordable exercise program b. Discuss the benefits of eating a well-balanced diet with the client’s family c. Ask family about the impact of the disease on relationships within the family d. Offer to accompany the client and the client’s partner during health care provider visits 13.A nurse is assessing an outbreak of mumps among school aged children. Using the epidemiological triangle, the nurse should recognize that which of the following is the host? a. The vaccine b. The school c. The virus d. The children 14.A nurse is teaching a to a 50-year old female client. Which of the following statement should the nurse include in the teaching?

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