ATI - Community Health Practice Assessment B1

ATI - Community Health Practice Assessment B1 A school nurse is discussing levels of prevention with a teacher. Which of the following activities should the nurse identify as a primary prevention strategy? a. provide nutritional counseling for students who have diabetes (3) b. report suspected child neglect to the proper authorities (2) c. conduct vision and hearing screening for kindergarten enrollment (2) d. demonstrate proper handwashing techniques A school nurse is conducting hearing screening procedures in an elementary school. Which of the following instructions should the nurse provide when performing the Rinne test? a. "After I place the tuning fork on your scalp, tell me if you hear the sound better in one ear or the same in both ears." (Weber) b. "Use your finger to close one ear while I whisper some numbers into your other ear." (Whisper voice test) c. "After I place this tuning fork behind your ear, tell me when you no longer hear the sound." d. "You'll wear headphones and press the button when you hear a sound." (audiometry) A palliative care nurse is teaching a client who has cancer about the services that are available for the client. Which of the following statements should the nurse identify as an indication that the client understands the teaching? a. "If I begin palliative care, I will have to stop my chemotherapy." b. "I can begin palliative care when I have less than 6 months to live." c. "This type of care can help me with pain control." d. "My family will not be involved with this type of care program." A nurse is assessing a new client. Which of the following info should the nurse include in the cultural portion of the assessment? a. food preferences b. employment status c. hx of illness d. sexual orientation A nurse collecting demographic data as a part of a community assessment. Which of the following info should the nurse include? a. racial distribution b. family genograms c. number of open water sources d. presence of condemned buildings ATI - Community Health Practice Assessment B1 A nurse is caring for a client who has AIDS and is experiencing rapid weight loss. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? a. examine the client's oral mucous membranes b. encourage the client to consume 1.2-2.0 g/kg of protein daily c. recommend the client increase her daily calorie intake by 25% d. teach the client about findings that should be reported to the provider A home health nurse is caring for a client who has breast cancer. Which of the following assessment findings should the nurse identify as an indication that the client is coping effectively? a. inability to concentrate b. makes eye contact c. excessive sleeping d. lack of interest in food A home health nurse is scheduling client visits for the day. Which of the following clients should the nurse plan to visit first? a. a client who is 10 days postop following a mastectomy and needs to have surgical staples removed b. a client who has DM and reports new erythema to the left foot c. a client who has COPD and needs a follow-up visit r/t home oxygen therapy d. a client in a hip spica cast who reports pruritus under the cast A community health nurse is assessing a group of clients for risk factors of abusive behaviors. Which of the following findings should the nurse identify as a risk factor for developing violent behavior? a. a client states he witnessed his mother physically mistreat his father b. a client states that her mother-in-law provides childcare while she is working c. a client participates in volunteer activities in the community d. a client lives in the same neighborhood where he spent his childhood years A school nurse is teaching health promotion to a group of staff members who sit at a desk and use a comp for 8 hr at a time. Which of the following info is the priority for the nurse to include? a. "Take a walk after work." b. "Point and flex your toes periodically." c. "Have your visual acuity assessed regularly." d. "Adjust your chair so that your elbows are at desk height." A case manager is planning an educational program for a client who has DM. Which of the following activities should the nurse include when using the psychomotor domain of learning? a. review a color diagram of the food pyramid with the client b. show the client a video about how to monitor blood glucose levels c. observe the client's technique for drawing up insulin d. give the client a pamphlet about foot care A nurse manager at a community health clinic is presenting an in-service for nurses about assessing client for abuse. Which of the following statements by a nurse indicates an understanding of the teaching? a. "Once I determine that a client is not at risk for abuse, I do not need to ask about it at future visits." b. "I should not document the name of the person the client accuses of the abuse in the client's medical record." c. "I should wait until I see signs of physical abuse before I help the client develop a safety plan." d. "I should refer a client for a rape kit examination if she reports sexual assault within the previous 24 hours." A nurse is teaching a client who has a new dx of hep A how to prevent the spread of the virus. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include? a. "Rinse your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide after each use." b. "Clean your bathroom fixtures with a chlorine bleach solution." c. "Used shared hand towels to dry your hands after washing." d. "Use condoms during sexual contact for 2 weeks."

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