ASCP CG Certification Practice Exam Questions and Answers

ASCP CG Certification Practice Exam Questions and Answers ASCP CG Certification Practice Exam Questions and Answers 1. What is the best agent to use against mycoplasma?: BM cyclin - a combina- tion of two antibiotics (tiamulin and minocycline) that effecticely targets mycoplas- ma growth 2. For successful harvest, each new batch of hypotonic solution should be evaluated by:: comparing the new lot to a lot already in use 3. Colagenase, pronase, and trypsin are:: Proteolytic enzymes - break down tissues into singlecell suspensions 4.When harvesting peripheral blood cultures, asceptic technique no longer matters following incubation with:: Colcemid - mitotic spindle poison that halts cells at metaphase 5. Samplesthat arrive at the cytogeneticslab should first be:: Logged in to the system 6. Phytohemagglutinin (PHA) stimulates which type of cells into division?: - T-cell lymphocytes 7. To avoid culture failure, monitoring reagents is crucial.When logging a culture failure, what is the MOST important to document?: Expiration dates of reagents used 8. Which type of microscope is used when cleaning a CVS (chorionic villus) sample?: Dissection 9. Which cell type is most problematic if found in a CVS (chorionic villus) sample?: Decidua (maternal tissue) 10. When looking at a slide under a phase contrast scope and a lot of cytoplasm is still seen around the mets, what is the most likely cause?: in- nappropriate slide drying time 11. What will help prevent microbial contamination and cross contamination of cultures?: Asceptic technique 12. When there are not enough mets to complete the study of a patient/case, what needs to be done next?: prepare additional slides from any remaining sample 13. When looking at a dropped slide under a phase scope and mets are very spread out and sparse, what could help fix the issue?: Increading the drying time by using warm slides 14. What is true of an inverted microscope?: the objectives are beneath the stage 15. High-resolution banding is indicated for a possible diagnosis of:: - DiGenorge syndrome -- microdeletion of 22q11, also called velocardiofacial syn- drome "velo" - soft palette, "cardio" - congenital heart defects, "facial" - unique abnormal facial features, short philtrum (upper lip indent), tubular nose, wide spread eyes, etc 16.When verifying if a specimen is appropriate for cytogenetic analysis,what is the MOST important data to accompany the specimen?: Reason for referral 17. Which type of specimen should be requested for a cytogenetic analysis for turner syndrome?: Heparinized peripheral blood stored at room temperature

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