Asbestos Practice Exam 2 Complete Questions And Answers With Latest Quiz

ACM stands for ✔✔Asbestos Containing Material The operating agency for each public school building in which fraible asbestos containing materials have been identified shall monitor airborne asbestos levels in each sampling area. For at least how many hours during a period of normal activity must this monitoring be done? ✔✔it must be done for 8 hours What portion of insurance coverage for medical exams and monitoring as required by law must the contractor provide? ✔✔all of the cost Responsibility for ACM control in a building is primarily that of the ✔✔owner The category least suspected of releasing asbestos fibers into the air because of friability is ✔✔miscellaneous products The program manager can speed up the sampling process when preparing for a building inspection for asbestos by revealing ACM in the ✔✔blueprints Before plastic barriers are set up, the work area should be ✔✔wet cleaned What percentage of Federal, commercial, and residential construction before 1970 contained asbestos in pipe or boiler insulation? ✔✔20% The efficiency of the negative air pressure unit or cabinet is determined by the ✔✔Magnehelic guage and the manometer Disposal bags are primarily made of which type of plastic? ✔✔A minimum of 6 mil A contractor must sign the contract and execute the bonds _____ days after being awarded the bid ✔✔5 days What should be posted "in plain view" of workers at teh jobsite to ensure safety? ✔✔Emergency telephone numbers For a negative air pressure unit or cabinet, what volt-power supply is needed? ✔✔115 volt Assembly Bill 2040 requires warning signs to state ✔✔Danger- asbestos cancer and lung hazard- keep out! Mesothelioma is a cancer of ✔✔the lining of the lungs These are all true ✔✔During removal, asbestos must be wetted to keep down airborne fibers and there must be no visible emission to the outside ai

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