Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Examination Complete Questions And Answers

Fibers ✔✔Asbestos is a generic name for a group of minerals that form __________ Hood, booties, coveralls ✔✔The following are parts of a protective clothing ensemble Removal of 5 feet of pipe insulation in order to fix a leak in the pipe ✔✔Which of the following operations would be considered to be an OSHA Class II job? Holes cut in the polyethylene next to the machines ✔✔Make-up air for a negative pressure enclosure usually comes from Sealed, labeled containers or wraps ✔✔All asbestos waste must be Inhalation ✔✔Asbestos enters the body via Guard rails ✔✔Free standing mobile scaffolding that is 16 feet high are required to have LOCKABLE WHEELS, NOT TO BE LESS THAN 4 FEET WIDE, BE INSPECTED BY A COMPETENT PERSON, and must have what? The removal of all specified asbestos-containing materials ✔✔A final visual inspection is used to determine which one of the final steps of an abatement project? 50-90 times ✔✔How much greater is the incidence of lung cancer in asbestos workers who smoke than in non-asbestos workers who do not smoke? Personal air monitoring ✔✔Which of the following records must be kept for a minimum of 30 years? Any job where the amount of friable ACM being removed is less than 260 linear feet or 160 square feet ✔✔AHERA regulations allow PCM to be used as a method of analysis for: Visible emissions ✔✔When removing asbestos-containing materials, which of the following is most difficult to control? OSHA ✔✔What federal agency regulates asbestos in the manufacturing sector through 29CFR 1910.1001 and in the construction industry through 29 CFR 1926.1101? 2 layers of 4 mil on the walls and 2 layers of 6 mil on the floors ✔✔When constructing a negative pressure containment for abatement, common practice is to place polyethylene sheeting on the walls and floors consisting o

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