2023/2024 NCLEX RN NGN EXAM Questions and Answers Attained Grade A+ Assured Satisfaction latest update

2023/2024 NCLEX RN NGN EXAM Questions and Answers Attained Grade A+ Assured Satisfaction latest update A nurse is caring for a client who died approximately one hour ago. The nurse notes that the client's temperature has decreased in the last hour since his death. Which of the following processes explains this phenomenon? a.Rigor mortis b.Postmortem decomposition c.Algor mortis d.Livor mortis A nurse is calculating a client's intake and output. During the last shift, the client has had ½ cup of gelatin, a skinless chicken breast, 1 cup of green beans, and 300 cc of water. The client has urinated 250 cc and has had 2 bowel movements. What is this client's intake and output for this shift? a.420 cc intake, 250 cc output b.300 cc intake, 250 cc output c.550 cc intake, 550 cc output d.300 cc intake, 550 cc output A nurse is caring for a client with ariboflavinosis. Which of the following foods should the nurse serve this client? a.Citrus fruits b.Milk c.Fish d.Potatoes A client is taking a walk down the hallway when she suddenly realizes that she needs to use the restroom. Although she tries to make it to the bathroom on time, she is incontinent of urine before reaching the toilet. What type of incontinence does this situation represent? a.Reflex incontinence b.Urge incontinence c.Total incontinence d.Functional incontinence Which of the following clients is at a higher risk of developing oral health problems? a.A pregnant client b.A client with diabetes c.A client receiving chemotherapy

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